Why are people suffering from The Ranbir Kapoor syndrome?

Why are people suffering from The Ranbir Kapoor syndrome?
Everything in his present is a blur. Either he is displaying uncontrollable desire to travel with a whoosh of happiness on his face, assuming fake identities (Tamasha) or he is wearing a haphazard look of a forlorn lover who can’t seem to accept the current reality and lives in a quixotic existence (Rockstar).

(I wrote about the alternate reality he is chasing in Tamasha here-http://rathoresaurabh.tumblr.com/post/134188278969/remember-fun)
Either he is being as transient as the youth and is moving to a new continent, leaving behind a flurry of ex-lovers (Bachna Ae Haseeno) or he is manifesting thumping pain of unrequited love and its consequence (Ae Dil Hai Mushkil).
Unable to make peace with the present, he is constantly running away aimlessly. And this seems to be what’s happening with many people you see around you. I call it The Ranbir Kapoor syndrome.

Our anguish to accept the present and trying to make sense of it. Giving up and realizing that this is not the best of the time you live in. Either that has gone by or yet to come. Yes, I know that reminds you of Midnight in Paris (2011). The movie that told us about the ineffectual exercise of being alive in a different era, as people in that era wanted to be somewhere else.

What seems to be the disconnect between your state of mind and the awareness of the present? Is it undignified to be content and happy in “today”? If we are content, does that mean that we are not growing, evolving and are just accepting the fate(only if we know what fate means)? Does tranquility bother us a lot? We think that we are in a cycle of infinite frustration and we lose real sense if we live in today. The weight of carrying heavily filtered memories doesn’t bother us. Or even the weight of pining for ‘checking-in’ an exotic location to feel fulfilled and attaching unrealistic importance to that goal. Not realizing the equal presence and absence of the sense of contentment in today.

It acts like a drug. Wanting to travel in search of the meaning of life. Coming back with a desire to travel again to another fancy destination, on the lookout for self-actualization, or just because there is designated Annual Leave.

Imtiaz Ali has given a new filter to our Instagram app- Transitory filter. Drift away from desolation, displeasure, and dismay into the unexplored, unknown and untraveled. The freshness of something new or the familiarity of the past. Choose your drug. Then again, fulfillment is an illusion. It never stays for long.

Artists don’t produce great work of art without experience, being cut-away from reality. Same way, great lovers are born from their initial simmering, torment, and failures. So they say.

If all the itches to be somewhere else converge, it takes the journey even further. Like Ranbir Kapoor trying different ways to commit suicide in Anjaana Anjaani.

I read about a term called The Mortality Paradox in an article which says- Our overblown intellectual faculties seem to be telling us both that we are eternal and that we are not, both that death is a fact and that it is impossible. The result is an attempt to resolve the paradox.

Whether we resolve the paradox or not, right now we are just being busy playing Ranbir Kapoor on celluloid.

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